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It was inevitable
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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
9:34 pm
Started as a great day, ended with me leaving work in tears.  I absolutely despise being blindsided by conflict, especially stupid conflict.  There are some very petty people at my school.  Just do your damned jobs, people!

Is it still vaguebooking if I do it on LJ?
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
8:58 pm
I went to fight practice tonight, but the church hall was being used for Ash Wednesday services.  The pastor forgot to tell us.

Went to the Shire meeting last night -- lots of stuff to do, including:
  • sand and paint the wooden castles for the trebuchet challenge later this year
  • find and make arrangements to use a practice site
  • spread the word about upcoming Shire events
  • write some "No shit, there I was" stories to go in the Shire newsletter
That's all that comes to mind at the moment, but I know there's more.  It's all in my iPod Touch.

Nothing else really remarkable going on.  I'll post some more tomorrow.
Saturday, February 18th, 2012
7:41 am
Good Enough
There's a Waldorf school just down the street from me.  Back when my son was in third grade or so, I wanted to enroll him (it didn't work out), so I got to sit in on a morning of classes.  I was impressed by the methods and the flow of the classroom.  The students all knew the daily routines and performed them flawlessly.  The teacher had their attention and kept it.

Every time I walk by that beautiful school, I wonder what it would be like to work there.  Then I think, "Who am I kidding; I'd never make the cut."  I feel that I don't have the training, the temperament, nor the talent to make it in a Waldorf school.

When I think about it a little more, I wonder if that's true, whether I'm just being too hard on myself.  I'm not sure.  But I guess it's a good sign that I'm not entirely complacent...that I know I don't know enough.
Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
10:46 pm
Oh, I know...it's been forever, I'm a terrible poster, blah blah blah.

I'm not even going to try to make this artful -- just going to update folks on the latest (whatever folks are still out here in LJ land, that is).
  • I have a student teacher at the moment, and she's a natural.  I was able to start turning her loose on instruction by the third week, and as of today she's doing it all, from beginning to end.  I sit in the back and take notes...but mostly I clean and organize my desk (a long-overdue task).  The students occasionally remember that I'm there, but they don't need me much.  Good stuff.  I hope they don't hate me when they get me back in the middle of March.
  • I have GOT to get back to writing.  I took a brief fiction-writing course at Vassar this past fall, and I got a lot of positive feedback from the other participants.
  • I am also planning out a new demo for voice-over work, as I want to give that another shot.  It should be easier, now, as I won't have to rely exclusively on a cheap-o USB microphone.  Helps to have a sound-guy living in the house with us.
  • All is well with me and Terence, and Beren is (as far as I've heard lately) doing fine.
So, yeah...as promised, a quick and artless post.  Be back soon.
Monday, April 18th, 2011
10:30 pm
Art or Science? Yes.
I ran across a passage today that I can't quote word-for-word, but it went something like this:  If we look at teaching as an art form, then good teaching is a happy accident.  If we look at teaching as a science, then good teaching can be replicated by most properly-trained individuals.

I'm not sure that this is entirely true...but I'm very certain that it's not entirely false.

I've been at this for 12 years now, and I've discovered that some classes are much easier to teach than others.  The ones that are easier are the ones that make me feel like an artist -- the learning seems to flow, and you can't quite explain how it happened, but it happened.  For those of you who are fiction writers, it's that same experience as those magic sessions where the story just seems to write itself, and the characters reveal things to you that you never knew they felt or were going to do.

Sadly, though, not every day and not every class can be like that.  And just as writers get writer's block, teachers get teacher's block.  What was working just isn't working anymore.

That's where the science of teaching has to come in.  And, sadly, far too few of us are trained in the science of teaching.

All teachers get introduced to various philosophies and methodologies during their course of study towards achieving their certification.  But as that instruction has to be broad and transferable to wherever the teacher may eventually be employed, it's generally an overview and a bit of practice, but very little intensive training.  We get the tools of the trade...but we have to determine our own choice of techniques.  As with artists, it is our techniques which will make us distinctive.

However, when the individual's art just isn't working with this batch of kids, there has got to be the science to rely upon.

This year I've definitely hit a teacher's block, and I'm working hard on updating my toolkit.

I was a bit skeptical of the book Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students On the Path to College -- I mean, really, it's a bit of a condescending title.  But I've been reading it, and observing the lessons on the DVD, and putting some of the techniques into practice...and there's a LOT of good stuff here.  Much of it flies in the face of my uber-liberal methodology classes (for example, the author actively discourages group work), but the uber-liberal stuff has become less and less effective as the years have passed.  I'm ready to work on this particular set of practices and see what they produce.
Saturday, January 1st, 2011
12:22 am
Happy New Year
That's it.  No fancy fonts or exclamation points or anything.  Just have a hell of a great time this year.  I intend to.  :)
Sunday, July 11th, 2010
9:13 am
Well, lookee here
Okay, so it's been just over a year since I posted last, having been very much immersed into Facebook land.  Just a quick scan reveals to me how much I've been missing -- status updates just aren't the same as reading LJ posts for thoroughness and clarity.  Okay, so LJ is going on my list of daily reading, again.  And, perhaps, daily posting.  Anyway, good to see you all again!
Friday, June 26th, 2009
3:34 pm

Happy Birthday, darqueone !!!

I know I don't stay in contact like I should, but I miss you like crazy, girlie. 
I'm wishing you an Amusement-Park-Kinda-Wonderful birthday!  :)  *HUGGGGS*

Current Mood: silly
Sunday, April 19th, 2009
10:04 am

1950's bathroom.
Pink toilet.
Pink bathtub.
Pink sink.
Glossy black counter.

Those are the things we cannot replace at this time.

So...what goes with that, paint-color-wise?
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
10:27 pm
Status Update
Okay, I'm hearing complaints that I've (we've) been too vague about some things (or, alternately, that people feel they've "been being beaten over the head"), so here it is for public consumption:
  1. Yes, Terence and I are married.  We had a civil service on May 28, 2008, followed by a handfasting on July 30, 2008.
  2. Yes, we intend this to be a permanent arrangement.
  3. Yes, I changed my last name to Ward.
That's all that the general populace needs to know.  Please refer any further questions on the matter to one or both of us directly and privately.  I can't speak for Terence, but if I feel that I want you to have the information you seek, I'll share it with you.  If I don't, I won't.  If I want to be vague, I will.  Deal with it.

Sorry for the terse nature of this post, but I've had a difficult evening, and I'm coming down with something.  The combination is not doing anything for my mood.

Current Mood: irritated
Sunday, March 8th, 2009
2:21 pm


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Sunday, January 25th, 2009
12:01 pm
Johari Window

Continuing the theme today...

I've done this Johari window thing before, but I decided to start it again.  I'm going to post it here and on my FB account.  Please link in and let me know what you think.  Thanks.

9:51 am
Who the hell am I, and what do I want?
Am I the only person out there having trouble answering this question?

Well, okay, certainly I'm not.  And it's a tricky question-set, because it's going to change throughout a lifetime.  The more we learn and experience, the more we change, so "who I am" and "what I want" are moving targets.

But I know for sure that I have a lot of trouble even seeing the target, let alone being able to aim at the bull's eye.

It seems like step #1 in any self-improvement program is "know yourself."  You know the whole be-honest-about-your-desires, be-true-to-your-dreams, blah-blah-blah....  But none of those wise words take a look at providing step #0.5 -- "figure out who you are."  All those gurus out there still haven't figured this one out.

Well, I know I've broached this topic before, and I've gotten a lot of interesting responses, so I'm just floating the balloon again.  Still questing over here.  Roadmaps and hobo-code for the pilgrim are always welcome.

Current Mood: curious
8:51 am
Meandering Update
Life goes on, and I'm adjusting.

I'm losing weight at WW, and I'll even forgive myself for only losing .4 lb this week, given the emotional eating I was tempted to do (and often avoided).

I'm gradually catching up on the grading I need to finish, and my 10th graders are almost finished with To Kill A Mockingbird, although I've had to do the unthinkable and summarize several of the chapters for them (I could assign chapters to read, but realistically only about 4 students out of 75 will actually do the reading).  I've also applied to become an adjunct professor for an online university program.  We'll see how that goes.

I'm looking forward to ICON in April this year.  The ideas about taverns keep running around in my head.

Dancing Fox happens soon, and I'm determined not to miss this year.

I'm making small inroads into cleaning and organizing my room, but it's hardly an inspiring project.

My novel has been gathering dust long enough; time to pick up where I left off and see if I can't get my characters a little further along in their lives.

I went to the carwash yesterday and was pulling up to the automatic bay just as the attendant was finishing a maintenance procedure and starting a test run, so he told me to go on in.  I got the carwash for free; timing is everything.

That's it for now.
Saturday, November 29th, 2008
7:16 pm
WalMart Photos

Here's a link to photos of the crowd at the Valley Stream WalMart, and investigators after the fact.  This kind of crowd for shopping at WalMart?  That's twisted.  I don't get it.

10:21 am
Yup, this pretty much sums it up.
No Child Left Behind -- Football Edition:  www.ilovebacon.com/121207/h.shtml

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008
10:16 pm
Good to know.

This quiz was provided by - Wholesale Clothing

7:50 pm
Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.
Saturday, October 4th, 2008
8:57 pm
There and Back Again!
Whew!  Okay, that was a horrible few hours, but it's okay now!  He's back!  I left food out on the enclosed porch and left the screen door there open.  A little while ago I heard his signature mew and, thank goodness, there he was.

Thank you for whatever everybody was able to think in this direction.  I'm sure that's part of what helped!


Current Mood: relieved
7:35 pm

Our youngest cat, Peregrine, seems to have escaped due to the IDIOCY of one of the house painters who FAILED TO CLOSE A DOOR AFTER HAVING BEEN TOLD TO DO SO REPEATEDLY. 

Peregrine hasn't shown up for dinner; trust me, this is a cat who does NOT miss a meal.  I've searched around outside, taking a bowl of food with me, but no luck so far.  I'm going out again in a minute.  Terence and Beren are working at the haunted hayride tonight, so they don't yet know this is going on.

I'm really frightened because we live next to a very busy road, and Peregrine doesn't have much in the way of street smarts.

Prayers and castings, whatever you can do, all welcome at the moment, ladies and gentlemen. 

Current Mood: scared
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